About Catherine Ann Bloom (Friends call her Cathy)

Cathy is the previous owner of Village Wine & Spirits in WIlliamsville, New York (for over 15 years). Cathy opened Cabernet’s Wine Cafe, a venue in which to share her love of wine, specifically her favorite cabernet. And, like a finely aged wine, Cathy’s choices are all in the timing.

“About 8 years ago, I envisioned a spot where people would gather to socialize, relax and enjoy the best in wine, but I had to find the perfect place. Part of the joy of a great glass of wine is the location your drinking it in”. Eight years later, Cathy’s patience paid off when 9 N. Ellicott Street became available , the home of Cabernet’s Wine Cafe.

Cathy’s warm, approachable manner and vast knowledge of wines, combined with the cafe’s cozy inviting location, creates the perfect ambiance for her customers to sit back, snack on cheese and chocolate and sip her latest hand-picked choices – and not to worry, there’s always a cabernet or two in the bunch.

About Cabernet’s Wine Cafe

With just the right atmosphere, can a glass of good wine taste even better? Cabernet’s Wine Cafe thinks so. Cabernet’s Wine Cafe’s, or “Cab” as it’s been nicknamed by regulars, showcases the best in wine in an intimate home-like setting, perfect at the end of a long day, for a casual night out or for just a moment’s relaxation.

Not limited to simply wines, Cabernet’s Wine Cafe’s offers cheese and chocolates. The ever-evolving wine list is served in the backdrop of what owner Cathy fondly refers to as “everyone’s living room.”

Cabernet’s Wine Cafe offers events such as bridal and baby showers, anniversary parties, birthday parties, retirement parties, political and other fund raisers, and girls night out. With good company and must see venue for any of these special events, what could be better?